About Us

Speakwell is one of India’s largest Skill Training companies engaged in development of skills of the youth of the country. Speakwell has been accorded the partner status by National Skill Development Corporation i.e. NSDC, a Govt. of India body responsible for the skill development of the youth of the country. Speakwell is the leading brand of English language training in Mumbai and several cities in Western India. Speakwell also offers several skill development training programs which includes Retail sector skills, Banking Sector Skills, Field Sales Skills and eCommerce sector skills. The Speakwell team is committed to its goal of making a contribution to the nation building by enhancing the skills of the people of our country.

Speakwell is fast expanding its network of centers across the country and will soon be available in every nook and corner of the country by establishing its franchisee network. Speakwell offers entrepreneurship opportunity to setup a training center in your town or city using the Speakwell model of training and skill development. Speakwell has established one of its kind virtual training network for Skill development under the brand Skill Capital. Virtual training allows Speakwell to take its best of class trainer’s training to the remotest part of the country and create an impact on the skill development landscape across the country.

Our Services

Excellent Team
Maximum Conversation Practise

Our training module is designed to provide maximum conversation practise to our students. In the class, students are encouraged to participate in role plays, group discussions and debates. These speaking activities help students enhance their communication skills.

Excellent Team
Excellent Team of Trainers

Speakwell has a team of dedicated and passionate teachers who have transformed lives of several thousand students through their easy and effective way of teaching using presentations, videos, books and classroom activities.

Practise Oriented
Practise Oriented Courseware & Mobile app

The courseware at Speakwell has been designed on LSRW technique. LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing). Apart from wonderfully designed course material, the student uses a mobile App with lots of videos and exercise.